Freebies: Mailing Label Frames

I would like to share with you this freebies i just made. There are 5 different mailing label frames. I hope you will like it like i do eh he...Please feel free to download it HERE.

And here is the layout using one of the frame, and you can see one more layout using one other frame in the previous post. Have fun!

Happy Birthday dek...



For 0Ne of my online best friend, Widi, i hope you like this wid...
I hope one day i could go to Canada to play snow ball with you and abay huhuy...(mimpidotkom)
(mo ajak astri juga ya....yuk tri yuk...xixi)

Childhood Friends

*Childhood friends*
we laugh we share
we fight we care
we swear to be friends
forever and ever

credit: paper by happy scrap; frame by mira_SpringGarden; bow by lsdsdesign

A look through my window

Son and daughter of my best friend Omee.
credit: paper by missvivi; frame and emballishment by FR

Goodies bag for you...

Yesterday was my son birthday (Benhard) birthday, he turn to 3 years now. I'm so happy because my Ben is not a baby anymore, he is a little he he....

We celebrateed his birthday and make a simple party at his class, and prepare a simple and cute goodies bags for his classmates preschoolers. You can see at the preview post, i add a scrapbook print as a birthday card to put on every goodies's so cute....

But i realised that so many friends of mine and also Ben's friends on blogger was very generously to give a birthday greets on my Ben's blog. i decided to create some goodies bags for all my a special thanks for all their kindness to Ben and i....

Thank you all my friend for your love and kindness....

OK here they are...
I adopted some pocoyo image from yahoo and create a pocoyo theme birthday kits for all my friend...and everyone who like pocoyo or birthday kits...

It's include:
2 papers
3 birthday word art
1 stamp
1 postage stamp (this one is my favorite)
1 sticker
2 tapesand they are all cute he he...

Please feel free to get all HERE

Have fun everyone...:D