Little fairy from Afghan

This is Farah, dd of Ifa. She's wearing a traditional Afghan dress for welcoming her younger sister, baby Ayesha....Isn't she cute ^_^. Pretty Farah!

credit: 'Lilou' collab kit from

Under the Baobab tree....2nd lo!

Visit the store, GOTTA PIXEL for the kit (papers, elements and gorgeous alphas).....yummy...he he!

Here is my star enjoying his camping day under the baobab tree! ho love this kit...............AWESOME kit!

Under the Baobab tree....

Here is the kit Marta van Eck rak me! I love this kit so much. Gorgeous! It's available at GOTTA PIXEL! Thank you so much Marta ^_^

Here is my page ^_^, featuring my ds!...........Peek a Boooooooo!

my little boy


Hidupku dangdut tanpamu.....owow.....

Cuz we belong together now, yeah....
Forever united here somehow, yeah....
Joged dulu yuks....ehehehehe....
One of my favorite 'idol'. Kelly Clackson!
Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

3rd lo from Le Fabulist

This is my 3rd lo from Le Fabulist kit by Marta va Eck. Maybe some of you wondering, why so many layout made from only 1 kit! It's not because the designer asked me too! But it's because i just looooooooooooooooooooooooove this kit so much!

You know what! I think i found what i really like most about kind of a kit. I love to make scenery to my layout! and it just click with Marta van Eck design. With so many gorgeous paper background with scene and beautiful elements, i can make many layout....and i love it so much!

Thank you are ROCK!

This layout i made the night before explosions happen in Jakarta! What's the connection huh!? LOL....Nothing!!! just to remind me when i read again this post someday...LOL
All i ask to my friend...keep pray for our country, Indonesia! God Bless Indonesia! Amen.

Last but not least! Marta rak me with her new and fabulous kit again! Woohoooooooo!!!! I'm so exited......wait and see, i'll come back and post here the new kit and my layout.

Don't forget to visit her store at GOTTA PIXEL and SCRAP BIRD .

PS: Sorry for my messy english...he he.

Wizard of Oz

Hello everyone....hope you are doing OK last weekend. Mine No! Starts from Sunday, I've got pain by sore throat, it's really discomfort! Last 2 days been so hard, you'll understand if you are the only one in the house that taking care of everything. When our husband sick or our son, we feel tired but we still can do anything in the house to taking care of everything, but if you are the one whose sick as a mommy and have no maid or someone who can help u during the's ahh....soooooooooooo ugh!!!!!!

Thank God, yesterday I've got the antibiotic and etc, the medicines from dr, i feel much better this morning. And the mood is :ON already!!! ha ha.

OK, now back to the hobby hi hi, actually i made this lo the day before i down with fever,etc!.So today, this morning, after my son go to school and after I've clean the house, etc, i posted this lo here and to my gallery.

Thanks so much to Urban Mermaid for the Rak, I got WIZARD OF OZ! Yihaaa..he he. I love this kit, and here is the layout for you make from this kit. Available at SCRAPDISH

For those who like this fantastic kit as I do, please visit the store and buy this kit, you'll love it! (",)

Home Alone


My second layout using Le Fabulist kit design by Marta van Eck. You can see my first one and preview of the kit in in this post!. Come on buy this gorgeous kit at Gotta Pixel or Scrap Bird. You will love it! :)

And this layout got gso-dst by Nunik aka Kinun...thank you sweet heart :)

Kiss the girl

Not one of my layout title nor name of a new kit! LOL
Just share a good song he he....Keith Urban..awww...handsome! hi hi!
Come the play button, and let's dance together! :D

Le Fabulist by Marta van Eck


"Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!"

...And that's absolutely what i felt when I'm designing my layout with this gorgeous...wonderful kit.

Introducing.....ta ta ra ra raa....... L E-F A B U L I S T kit by Marta van Eck!

Le Fabulist is full of fantasy elements like: fairy, fairy wings, magic wand, sparkles, star dust, flying broom and princess pumpkin carriage. You can also find great wooden frames decorated with golden ornaments. The kit contains 93 elements ( with no re- coloured elements , just unshadowed elements). It is really big kit with a lot elements for you to decorate your photos.

Le Fabulist elements pack coordinates with Le Fabulist papers pack (You can find here 10 background scenes with magical scenes like: secret room with fireplace or magical stage.The kit contains also 23 ordinary papers.) and Le Fabulist Alpha., in a different set and price, but if you put the whole set in your basket the cost of $2.5 will be remove from your total. So you can practically get the Alpha for FREE.

So....what are you waiting for?!! Frost your pages with a whiff of magic. With this kit you can create your own fairy tales.

Visit the Store, available at: Gotta Pixel and Scrap Bird !

OK.....there's so many photos in this post already! LOL, i think i'll better post my second layout (with the fabulous le babulist kit) by tomorrow.! cu again soon my dear :)

My Love by Rena Designs

New from Rena Designs, a beautiful kit called ' My Love'. Very sweet and fresh color. The juicy red, color silver, white and a little bit of green make the set is perfect for any occasion!Below is the preview....Visit the store to view the detail and to buy. Available at Scrap Dreams and Digi- Shoppe.

...... and here are my pages :)


another freebie. v(^_^)

Here is my latest layout, i made this layout by trial and error, not using any of kit from outside. Playing with my Photoshop, it was fun. Isn't he cute, my adorable nephew as the model he he.

Actually i was tried to make a freebie wing with a black color to share here, but finally i found that wing didn't perfect like i expected before! So i just finish the layout, and make another freebie to share here, with a white color...

I hope you like...and if you do, feel free to download it HERE! For Personal Use only, OK!
Have a nice weekend everyone! (‘_^)

Rak for my 'kk' (‘_^)

I think we are not just enter the season of durians...LOL (^0^), (by the way i bought durians 2 times already...nyam nyam)! But it is the rak season 4 me too (^_^;)

'kk' is initial for kakak in bahasa, means older sister in english. Isn't she (my kk) beautiful hehe. Yeah, i rak my 'kk'this time. And i hope she will remember (i will too!), that 'Happiness is homemade'. Thanks to elegant wa by bethany for the precious wa, credit also to Fraisinette for the paper, and the rest is kit from Old School 5 from digital-crea.............v(^_^)

Rak for Nunik (photo of her ds)


credit: element everlasting love, element love note, element old film strip from Nicole Young design; and the rest is from Urban Summer kit from Birgit Kerr.

PS: btw today is election day! so....met nyontreng buat Indonesian people hari ini....;)
God Bless my Country.............Indonesia!
Surprise surprise...:) 4 me today ho ho (latest update, 8.24pm) :
1. This layout have been put to gso-dst by Damayanti this afternoon, oh my....many thanks!f^_^; (keiknya aura gso-mu terpancar kesini nik, aku jd kena deh...he he....fikri ganteng...ailopyuuuu)
2. No.2 is the winner for the election today.......hip hip hurray....God Bless Indonesia!

The magic 7-8 pm!


Kemaren kita pergi ke Post Dickson, us with Nita's family. Kita sampai persis sebelum sunset tiba. Perfect moment to capture many beautiful photos!

Tau gak? kalo jam sekitar 7-8 sore waktu Malaysia, atau sekitar 6-7 waktu indo, kurang lebih begitu adalah waktu2 yg keren buat motoin alam. Saat pergantian warna dilangit begitu cepat, dalam hitungan detik ambil gambar berkali2, hasil warna bisa berbeda and keren banget. Karena matahari kita yang mulai masuk peraduannya membuat warna2 yg berbeda ketika dia beranjak turun (ceile...sok puitis...!)

Tentu saja aku ambil banyak foto, tapi cuman dua deh yg ditampilin, yang paling disuka dari semua yg tetep disuka juga huehue. Yang pertama itu saat matahari masih diatas, abru mulai turun, wihhh putih lembutnya langit bersatu dg laut...keren! Yang kedua matahari udh makin turun, makin gelap warnanya keren banget.....!

Ayuk cobain nge-shoot alam sore2....pasti keren!
To view more photos, you can visit my other blog!

Rockin' Baby

4 comments is every bodies doing this weekend? Hope everything great in your life!
Miranda Buijs has a new kit in store! If you have a baby,boy or girl, you're gonna love this kit! It's called ''Rockin' Baby'' kit, its content 12 papers and 68 beautiful elements. Perfect for all Newborn baby and children pictures with a softly and sweet colors.

Visit the Store, Scrap Dreams to see the detail and to buy...:). Below is the preview of this sweet....sweet kit :)

Here is my page from this kit, rak for my dear friend Mba' Fenny :)

Quirky Park

New kit from Paperbag Studios, called Quirky Park kit, design by Roben-Marie, a collection of garden elements with fun paper flowers, soft and textured papers and a mix of other elements for the perfect summer layouts! Here is the preview!

Here are my layouts played with this beautiful of my DS :)