1st lo ,2nd lo, 3rd lo! and here is the fourth ^_^, banyak betullll!, tak-pelah sing penting enjoy he he he.

My 4th layout created from LIKE ROBINSON CRUZOE kit design by Marta van Eck.
Visit the Store to view the detail and to buy this kit ( elements, papers and alpha)

Imagination gone wild! REMEMBER!!!! it's only my imagination when playing with this kit LOL!!!
...and of course my ds can escape from the bottle and won fighting with those sharks!!! LOL!!!


Fenny Sakurawati said...

Emma.. efeknya keren banget, blur separo gitu jadi kayak kerendem separo.. kesian amat Ben udah ampir tenggelem... teganya dirimu......:))

Rajin and creatif betul euy mpe 4 LO, dan keren2 semua...... ,kitnya emang keren banget ya Ma,,,

irmabuana said...

So creative design!!!!

Nunik Achmad said...

Kreatif dan imajinatif, top abiiisss!!!!!!!