Catch your Angel

NEW kit from Mystique Designs.........Catch Your Angel........Its soft and delicate beautiful blue and pink kit. Grab it from Oscraps! Below the previews. And oh..dont forget to visit Mystique blog for a gorgeous freebies :)

Ok! Here are my page ^_^, one in blue, the other one pink! It's the photos of my lovely niece.
The pink one is presented Tassel, my 8 years old niece. The pink one is....Kiva Darling, my lovely niece ^_^, born about 3 weeks ago.....:D

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Fenny Sakurawati said...

suka dech liatnya. lembuutt bnaget warnanya.... page pertama cantik banget Emma... match bnaget foto ma LOnya.. yang kedua simply beautiful!

irmabuana said...

Awwww page pertama keren banget!!! So dreamy!!