This month (Oct) i became guest ct for Ulisa (Fly Pixel Studios). I'm so exited (smile). Not only because of this is a great chance working with a fantastic designer and her fantastic product!....It's also because i meet my friends there too...LOL. It's so great feeling when the time you open the door of new forum and enter the room, and you found people you already know there and welcoming you with a huge hugs he he. Got Irma there...and Mumure too...woohooooo! And....meeting new friends is always fun!!!!..... Here is my first and second play with CIRCUS......! Cute and fun and adorable kit! Come and stopping by at the shop! Pickleberrypop and Scrapbird. You can choose wich shop you like :)
or S.....CIRCUS is the best! he he....

My first page: my son photo....with 'pop out circus book' LOL....

GSO (by Irma, thanks dear)

Second page: rak for my friend Yeni Suryani, her adorable dd.

GSO (by Ganderinka, thanks sweetie)

Thanks for looking and have a nice long weekend girls ^_^

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Fitria (IrmaBuana) said...

Page-nya keren2!!! Suka deh ma buku Ben yang bisa ngeluarin bintang sirkus, kreatip!!!!

Nunik Achmad said...

Kitnya ceria banget ya...
Pagesnya Emma juga cocok deh sama keceriaan dunia anak!!!!
Setuju sama Irma: kreatiff..tiff..tiff!!!!