Le Comte the Greyscale

Halloween is around the corner. If you want to make a pages with halloween themes for yourself or your little ones :D, or just wanted to play with some dark colors and gorgeous stuff, this one is the perfect choice! !:)
Le Comte the Greyscale means Horror Movie is a new kit from Marta van Eck Design. You can see the complete preview below! Element pack, Scenery pack and Alpha.

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Elements (130 elements)
You can find here funny Vampire ( count Greyscale), weird skeletons, scary frames, ugly bugs, creepy trees, some mushrooms, thorny doodles, bizarre furniture and a lot of elements to prepare many spaced out pages. You can also played with my scratched texture to give your pages the look of black and white cinema movies.
If you are enthusiast of Tim Burton's movies ( e.g Corpse Bridge, 9) you will sure find in this kit what you like.

Horrific Scenery (24 papers+5 bonus papers in color)
deserted graveyard, spooky rooms, haunted house and foggy landscapes. In this scenery pack you can also find papers stylized on black and white old cinema movies. With this kit you can change every page into old cinema frame.

Letter decorated with ANTIQUATED pattern fastened on vintage wood.

Ok here are my pages...wooohoooo......LOL, yes yes yes, i always exited playing with a dark color kit and scenery papers!! I've made 4 pages with this kit. But first i show you 2 of them.
Here they are ^_^

Photo from deviantart.

And this page is a photo of Marta's son. He is cute, isn't he ^_^

Thanks for looking, and please come back again tommorow for the rest of the pages and a little freebie from me, made from one of these pages! And also i'll add some more links of friends blog to get a fantastic freebie especially created from Le Comte the Greyscale.

Cu and Tc!

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Mumure said...

So,see you tomorrow for 2 others fantatsic pages!
Mumure xx

irmabuana said...

WOW!!!! Postingannnya asli super keren!!! Lengkap banget, bolehkah aku copas???? hehehe. Kit-nya emang keren ya, warananya aku suka banget!!!

Gorgeous pages, Emma!!!

Nunik Achmad said...

Lama gak ke sini...
Banyak LO yg cuakep2...
'pa kabar say...

Widie said...

wuaahhh mba emma emang cucok dg kits ini yaa..pagesnya jd kuerenn bgt!!!!! aneh tapi muantaabbbb bgt bedaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! gt lhoooooo!!!!

Fenny Sakurawati said...

waw dapet 4 pages? mantab...... keren2 banget lagi....
Kitnya emang bagus banget ya Ma.... suka bngt ma papernya bagus2 dan unik banget..

Emma said...

to all: thank you so much for the nice comments, love u all.

makasi mba fen, iya kalo demen bikin lagi dan lagi,klo ga demen yang pusing ya kan mba...bikin satu juga puyeng ehehehehehee....

bener papersnya unik!