I just wanna say....WOW...for this new kit by Rosey Posey Studio! The papers are so gorgeous, the elements so detail, unique and beautiful! they are all match each other....i can only say it's just a perfect kit! I love to play with it.....

It's H O P E kit by Studio Rosey Posey @ Scrapbookgraphics

I've made2 pages:) the first one is still with a photo from Sanhizanne, adorable baby photo :). And the second one is a rak for my dera friend Ifa, photo of her baby girl Ayesha...:)

*Happy Thanksgiving day and Happy Idul Adha day*
for everyone......^O^

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1 comment:

Fitria (IrmaBuana) said...

Page pertama keren banget!!! Kreatif banget deh design-nya :)

Kombinasi warna kitnya keren!!