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First, i wanna say, happy DSD for everyone, for designers and scrapper! I think everyone was very busy these days, right?....enjoy and have fun....^_^
Ok....girls....i would like to say thank you so much for you have voted for my pages @ Penscrappers. And continued to ask, if you like my layouts, please vote for me. I have made 2 lo's, the first one i posted here in my blog, and this is the second one. Thank you so much girls...:)
Here are the links to my page @ Penscrappers.

just for sharing/curhat!:
The last 3 days i didn't make any layouts. It makes me feel empty! (omg this is what we said 'addict'). All the layout for my designer were finished and no new kit to scrap. My hands "gatel" wants to scrap LOL....I want to make a freebie stuff, but my mood it isn't there for it. So i decided yesterday and today, to prepare and re size all my2009 layouts ready to print out by tomorrow. Yes, i think this is the time to print out it all, 2009 is almost end girls ^_^. I made all in 8X10 sizes. Some of the layouts can't re size, i'll print it later with an 12x12 size...It's all 35 layouts i think ( only some layouts with a photos of my son and my niece/nephew), i don't know, i think i have more than 100 lo's in my files LOL, but the rest I'll choose first which one i want to print out.

Have a great weekend girls! Gbu...:)

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Nunik Achmad said...

Good luck for the contest, Sis...
Waah, enaknya lagi gak ada pe-er, bantuin aku aja yuk, pe-erku bejibun nih..he..he

Btw, tentang bloglistku yg error, gak tahu masalahnya kenpa, cuma jalan keluarnya blogku harus ku add sendiri lewat dashboard