Roben Marie Designs have a new kit @ The Digi Chick. Roben used to have her personal store @ Paperbag Studio, but she now join with The Digi Chick and closed her PBS store, and we are already say goodbye @ the forum. A bit sad for me because i like to work with her, her kit are gorgeous and she is a very nice person.

It was a surprised when she email me few days ago. Yes, she using the ct @ TDC and she still use some of her last ct from PBS she'm so glad to hear that, i'm really happy ^_^....
And here it is, a gorgeous kit from her......Winterbright....available @ The Digi Chick!

Thanks to Irma and Mumure for putting my pages to gso :)

My first page, i love this photo of my dear friend Debbie, her ds photo :) My second page, of lovely Benhard ^_^

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Fitria (IrmaBuana) said...

Pantesan... aku juga ingetnya kata Emma Roben dah close PBS, ternyata Roben pindah ya store-nya :)

Page-nya keren banget!!!!

Jadi sekarang CT-nya Emma 10 ya??

Nunik Achmad said...

Cool pages!!!!
Haaaa??? 10????
Ngebut nih ceritanya..ha..ha

Emma said...

50 nik hehe...(pengsan!!)
ngga tau nih berapa...mana yg aktip mana yg ngga....ora ngerti hihi

Roben-Marie said...

Hey, Dear! You are such a sweetie! I appreciate your kind words and wanted to let you know how much I love your layouts!! Cheers! RM :)