Chevalier et dragon

Chevalier et dragon means Knight and dragon, a fantastic new kit from Marta van Eck Designs. Really fantastic!!!! love to play with it! Available @ Gotta Pixel store...Below are the preview, click on the small images fo a bigger preview!

Woohooo...he are my pages...I'm having so much fun playing with this kit!
First and second pages are with photos of my little hero, my ds :) The second is my favorite! Third page is with a photo of my nephew, Josh, love to using the wa @ that page, great word art!


Fitria (IrmaBuana) said...

KEREN!!!!!! Pantesan masuk GSO dan LOTD!!! Mupeng liat kit-nya!!!

Fenny Sakurawati said...

waaa keren2 bnaget! kitnya mantap banget ya Ma...
congratz ya dapat LOTD di GP.. you deserve it! emang mantap banget page2nya Emma... Ben jg gagah banget deh di LO pertama ma kedua..!