Bridge over trouble water...

when you are feeling down
when you alone among the crowd
when the tears never dry....

like i felt sometimes....
this song is a legend song, beautiful song and lyrics. I choose the one with the lyric for those maybe not know about this song
to warm your day too.......Gbu.
....let's sing together


Martavaneck said...

I love this song. Did you know I sing too? Well I am not so good as this singer but I also have my you tube video that I make myself.

I sing it for my husband for valentines. Do yo like karaoke?I love it :))))

Emma said...

it's so funny and awesome video!
and you are a very talented singer Marta....
happy to see your happy family, and it was nice to know you better :)

i wonder how you did the singing hands ha it...very cute ^_^